29 March 2008

An important week

I have been covering transport in Plymouth for three years now, the first proper posting being the 2nd April 2005. In that time a lot has changed in the local bus scene. This week however is probably one of the most significant weeks in Plymothian Transit. The events of this next week will have a major impact on bus travel in Plymouth.

Monday sees that start of the new Northern Connect service by Target Travel. Certainly a very useful link which brings another splash of pink to the streets of Plymouth and increases Target's presence on bus work in the city.

The next event is perhaps the most significant as its the start of free nationwide travel for pensioners. At least it should be if people get their passes in time - something which isnt happening in a lot of places. There will be plenty to say about this during the week!

Next weekend then sees the new First services for Plymouth. More on this tomorrow!

It looks like it could be a busy week on Plymothian transit!

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  1. And what happened to First's big publicity drive for the changes? All I've seen is a couple of articles and their website. Some on-bus and bus stop information wouldn't go amiss.


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