06 February 2008

Northern Connect

We have just received details on the new Northern Connect service that is due to start in March. I think it starts the second Monday in March but i cant find it written down anywhere!

The route looks a good one - it will certainly be very useful to me when I move offices shortly as it will save me changing buses at Derriford. I am also very surprised at how frequent the service is.

I have uploaded the timetables we received which are Excel spreadsheet files. Click here and select northernconnect.xls

(There is also a timetable for service 52A which starts at the same time)

I have made a start on a route map for this service (as an experiment) which although far from complete does give an idea of the area served by the new service. There are still a few extra bits to be added and the bus stop details etc to be updated.

View Larger Map

I am sure I will have a lot more to say on this service later so just take this as an introduction for now!


  1. So really its a 62/50 with Brest road loop.

    This will be another bus i could catch to derriford on my way home.

    What operator graham??

    dan :D

  2. Service is operated by Target Travel and Taxifast. They both seem to use different route numbers for the service which is confusing as the timetable doesnt indicate which is which so what will be displayed is anyones guess. It will be interesting to see what gets used on the service too!

  3. i didn't think taxifast had buses - o well.

    Are these actually Target or from First?

    don't see why they're gonna do this as services already do...

    dan :D

  4. I Think it's going to be run with Marshall bodied Dart SLF's. Well, I saw one pottering about recently with some kind of branding for a new route on the side, but don't take my word for it!


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