07 February 2008

Dot Com

You will have noticed a few changes here today which I hope will be an improvement on before. The big thing I guess is that I have now registered the blog as


I have been intending to do this for some time but had to make a few other changes first which I have now done. It will take a day or two to settle down so you may notice one or two links not working etc but otherwise the site should work as normal. The old blogspot address will automatically pick up the new address once its all ready. If you are reading this then its all working!

Apart from changing the header image, which I will do from time to time, the other big improvement is restricting the number of posts on the main page to the last 5. This will make it a lot quicker to load up as it was taking quite a while for me at least. Previous pages are always available under the archive menu on the right.

There will be other changes too but these are the big ones for now.

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