12 January 2008


Bus company First Devon and Cornwall was holding a competition today where people can win a year's free travel and see their photograph appear on the sides of Plymouth buses.
First is looking for local people of all ages, races and abilities who travel on its buses and are passionate about Plymouth.
Hopefuls were invited to a free photo shoot today at the Holiday Inn on Armada Way.

The spokesman said: "Go along, bring a smile, and who knows? You could end up with your photo on the side of a bus that will be seen every day, all over the city."

It seems that FDC are going to have a bit of a publicity bash later this year which I guess will be along the lines tried by other First Group companies across the country. It remains to be seen if this will be a route specific campaign (such as seen below) or just a general campaign for their services.


©Thrash Merchant (Flickr)

One person commented on the story saying he hoped that the publicity wouldn't cover the windows like Citybus do - I suspect he will be disappointed!

On a more personal note - thanks for the best wishes I have received over the past few days. Dad is still with us and doing fairly well at the moment but it is up and down so every day is a bonus.

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