13 January 2008

Plymothian Bridges 32: De La Hay Avenue

De Lay Hay Avenue

The warning signs are very clear on this little bridge which carries the main line over De la Hay Avenue. despite the narrow width and the low height this is still a bus route - minibuses only!

De Lay Hay Avenue

It is also one way only so no signs needed on this side of the bridge.

In case of Emergency

I dont know if anyone has ever hit this bridge!

De Lay Hay Avenue

The building on the right just before the bridge is an excellent garage where we get our car sorted out. Highly recommended!


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  1. I used to walk under that bridge quite often when going to see my then-girlfriend, though admittedly the narrow pavement can be scary when you've got an Optare coming towards you.

    I've also noticed First have been using their newer Darts on the 15A recently. I wonder how much clearance they have under that bridge?

  2. I use to live locally (Raynham Road) and my brother and I can remember a train crash (derailment?) on the bridge many years ago - maybe around 1960? Does anyone know any more about this?


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