06 December 2007

Citybus Mufti Day Blues

Today was the annual Plymouth Citybus Mufti day where many of the Citybus drivers were in fancy dress, or at least in plain clothes, and the buses carried collection tins for the Citybus charities. A great idea and one thats very popular. However...
This morning the bus was over twenty minutes late which meant standing in the pouring rain getting soaked as there is no shelter at my stop. I was late for work and very cold and fed up. I know it wasn't the drivers fault as I saw the 52 was also nearly twenty minutes late too. The passengers waiting to go to town on the 50 on the other side of the road were also waiting ages for their bus (two came at once) - but at least they had a shelter.
The driver was very friendly and polite (he always is - its actually the same one in the picture above taken two years ago!) but by the time he got to me I was already well and truely P***ed off. Sadly the Citybus charities didnt get anything from me this morning. Sorry!

Sadly Citybus have not had a good day today at all as one of their buses has been in a nasty accident at Mannamead. It seems that the driver was arrested as a result. Hopefully this is routine while investigations continue. Not a good day at all.
As Ian kindly pointed out- the driver has been released without charge. This is good news of course for the driver. All thoughts will rightly be with the female victim of this nasty accident who is still in a critical condition in hospital.

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  1. The 10.30 edition of Spotlight last night reported that the driver had been released and no further action was to be taken.


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