04 August 2007

Citybus Recruits

An interesting message came out this last week for all hospital staff:

Unfortunately we no longer have any supplies of the ‘All Plymouth Zone’ staff bus pass. We contacted the bus company last week to request another delivery. However, today we have now been informed that these will take 5 weeks to be delivered.

As a result if you wish to apply for a new ‘All Plymouth Zone’ staff bus pass, please complete the application form as usual, but note there will be a delay in you receiving your bus pass.

Now please note that the bus pass in question is nothing fancy at all - its not a photo pass that has to be specially printed. Its a bog standard bit of card that gets printed off by the ticket machines on the bus. There is a slight difference in that there is a logo and Plymouth Green Travel Pass is printed on the ticket, but apart from that its nothing. So why five weeks?

An advert in the trade press this week reads:
Plymouth Citybus wish to appoint an OPERATIONS DIRECTOR
£48,000 plus benefits (note - not £18,000 as I posted originally!)
Plymouth Citybus is a successful bus company with a turnover of around £16.5m. The company employs 500 staff, of whom approx. 350 work within the Traffic section. We take pride in our fleet of 180 modern vehicles including low floor easy access buses and the latest Euro 5 engine Mercedes Citaro's
Experience and knowledge of the bus industry is valued but we want more! We are looking for someone with vision and the ability to help us turn our aims into a reality through innovation and creativity.
In a changing culture where our commitment to develop and to motivate our staff is second only to our desire to exceed the expectations of our customers this is an exciting time to join us and influence the future of bus travel in the city of Plymouth.
Closing date 24 August 2007

Lets hope whoever they get does indeed help them exceed the customers expectations (if they do they they deserve a lot more than £18000)

Quite rightly the job is indeed worth a lot more than £18000 as I originally posted. My apologies to Plymouth Citybus for the incorrect report. It did seem very low to me at the time but it seems my original source had a typo. Thanks to the two people who pointed out my error)

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  1. hello
    just to let you know the operations director job is £48,000.


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