05 August 2007

Unidentified Flying Objects

© CC / die letzte seite, Hr.Ernst

Not an area I have covered before in Plymothian Transit but as Unidentified Flying Objects they may potentially be forms of transportation for someone/ something?

Defence chiefs have opened up Plymouth's own "X-files" for the first time of reported UFO sightings in the area. Details revealed under the Freedom of Information Act show the Ministry of Defence recorded eight UFO sightings in and around the city since 1998. Giving details of the MoD's policy on UFOs, the Director of Air Staff said in a lengthy response to a Freedom of Information request: "The Ministry of Defence does not have any expertise or role in respect of 'UFO/flying saucer' matters or to the question of the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life-forms, about which it remains totally open-minded.

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