13 August 2007

Citybus Fares

I have been spending some time on the Citybus web site this evening and have noticed a page detailing new fares from 2nd September 2007.
The full details can be downloaded on a pdf file here

This is a very comprehensive listing of the bus fares and tickets on offer and its good to see the company putting such detailed info out in plenty of time as one or two fares are going up by quite a bit. Most just go up by about 10p and it does seem that the 9 fare steps are being replaced by 7 (child fares go from 8 to 7 steps) with the highest fare for adults actually dropping by 10p. Season tickets remain at the same price as before which is good to see, and I guess will save them replacing all the stickers on the Citybus windscreens!

One little teaser I have also noticed they indicate that a new enthusiasts section is on its way - it will be interesting to see what they put in there!

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