12 August 2007

Bus Drivers

A man is today fighting for his life after being hit by a bus during rush-hour in a busy Plymouth road.The 41-year-old is in a critical condition following the accident involving a Plymouth Citybus in Embankment Road just before 5pm yesterday. He was trying to cross the road near a bus stop close to the Cattedown Roundabout when he was struck in the city-bound carriageway by a service from Plympton. [This is Plymouth]

This was the story as reported by the Evening Herald on This Is Plymouth. Police are studying the cctv footage supplied by the bus company to get the full facts as to how the accident happened.

The thing that caught my attention to this sad story is the many comments left by readers:

Those bus drivers are selfish and sometimes drive like maniacs! I have on many occasions had to react quickly to prevent a collision with those buses when I try and turn left into cattedown road.

I catch a bus to work every day and have on numerous occasions been thrown from my seat or when waiting to get off the bus, been jerked and jolted as the driver is going too fast and has to break too quickly

Its sad that whenever an accident like this occurs you always get these comments. People seem to hold bus drivers in such low esteem yet he statistics always show that bus drivers are just about the safest drivers on the road.

We hope the pedestrian makes a full recovery. The driver is also off sick - lets hope he recovers soon too.

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