23 January 2007

Bus Breaks Down

It must have been a quiet news day...
A new park and ride bus which was billed as the 'height of luxury' by council chiefs has broken down - less than a fortnight after its introduction.Passengers had to be transferred to another vehicle after the First ADL Enviro 400 bus developed a minor fault in Royal Parade at about 11am on Friday.

This was the report from This is Plymouth recently. I had heard of teething troubles with the advanced systems on board these buses, but this story is just about one bus breaking down!


  1. Going back a few years now, when bus 27 was 3 weeks old to the company, I broke down in the middle of Marsh Mills roundabout returning to Coypool. I lost all transmission. New buses seem to have this knack of letting themselves down at the most crucial moment! They gave me one of the Merc minibuses as a replacement. What a difference between then and now :-)

  2. Seems a huge fuss over a minor breakdown. On Royal Parade passengers transfered to the next bus only minutes behind?? Trouble is all this new kit is a maze of computerised systems which shut everything down at the least excuse. No driver in his right mind would attempt to move a bus with al the alarms and warning signals going. Modern technology whilst having thousands of uses, also has a lot to answer for.

  3. I have only seen handfuls of passengers on these expensive buses anyway. Seems an awful waste of council tax payers money


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