23 January 2007

News release from Plymouth Citybus

Plymouth Citybus announce their new Citaros...
Following the success of the 8 eye-catching Mercedes Citaro buses that entered the
Plymouth Citybus fleet at the end of 2005, the Company has bought a further 7 ‘state of
the art’ Citaro buses equipped with the very latest Euro 5 engine technology. This is well
ahead of legislation which is not due to be compulsory in the UK until 2009.
“It means that the Company is almost certainly running the most environmentally
friendly buses in the country” said Plymouth Citybus MD, John Ackroyd. “Additionally
the Mercedes Citaro has just been voted European Bus of the Year 2007 no mean feat
considering that there are some 15,000 Citaros currently in service across Europe”.
Their clean engines will allow nitrogen oxide emissions to be reduced by up to 70% and
particulate and nano particles will be reduced by over 80% when compared against the
current Euro 3 diesel engine technology. These greener buses should also deliver lower
fuel consumption which will help to achieve lower operating costs.
Since 1992 Plymouth Citybus has consciously ensured that its bus buying strategy has
had a green strand and an important landmark was reached in 1996 when The Company
became the first in the UK to power its fleet of buses by way of ultra low sulphur fuels.
The new buses are fully accessible and are fitted with 39 seats and have capacity to carry
up to 23 additional standing passengers.
These vehicles are very well suited to use on busy urban bus services that carry large
numbers of people over relatively short distances and once on the road they will be put to
work on the extremely busy Route 43 that runs every 10 minutes between the City
Centre, Milehouse, St Budeaux and Ernesettle.
It is good news too for bus users in other parts of the City because the addition of these
new vehicles means that the Company will be able to allocate the Accessible buses
currently in use on route 43 onto other routes.

Full release and posed photo here (PDF)

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  1. The PCB press release compares the emissions against "current Euro 3 technology". Surely this is a bit disingenuous as Euro 4 has been mandatory for all new vehicles since Octoder 2006......



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