13 November 2006

VR farewell

Well, yesterday I informed you all that the Western National VR Farewell running day was to be the 25th September when of course I really meant 25th NOVEMBER!
Well it now seems that the event has been put back a couple of weeks and is now planned for Saturday 9th December!

More details when known.

Other news: Plymouth Citybus have now repainted Dart 102 K102SFJ out of the old dull orange livery it carried for Plymouth College of Further Education. It now carries the new standard red white and black livery.

Just out of interest the Plymouth College of Further Education main Kings Road campus used to be the site of a rather splended railway Station. Devonport Kings Road Station opening in 1876 and finally closing in 1971. A very good potted history can be found on Plymouth Data.

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  1. It's just a shame that CityBus can't afford to make any improvements to their College service, short of making Plymouth CFE pay out for two low-floor double deckers. The 36 is by far their busiest route during term time, and while sitting on a sardine-packed bus full of college students is an experience to say the least, it's often the case that many students are being left behind at Royal Parade or Kings Road during peak hours.

    But then again, we're getting it for free, so I guess we can't complain too much about it.


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