14 November 2006

Land Train

Taxifast have announced that their planned new 'Land Train' wont now be lpg powered, or at least they have lost their planned supplier and the alternative is to send the 'train' on a low loader to a supply elsewhere in Plymouth every couple of days!
The £197,000 automatic vehicle has, however, got the latest technology, following a £30,000 revamp.It's equipped with 18 CCTV cameras, and 14 DVD screens, which will show news and entertainment.The three carriages can seat 58 people, and their doors open automatically.It is only allowed to drive around the city centre at 3mph, but has a top speed of 14mph.
The Taxifast landtrain could be carrying passengers around Plymouth city centre by the end of the month after police and the city council backed the project.Private hire mogul John Preece must now apply to the Department for Transport for a 'vehicle special order', but is confident this is 'a rubber stamp'. Now the council and police have decided to support Mr Preece's bid to the Government, subject to 24 conditions being met.These include restricting the landtrain to a maximum speed of 3mph within the pedestrianised area, insisting passengers are seated and that it can only run during daylight.

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