12 November 2006

Western National VR Good Bye

It has been confirmed that First Devon and Cornwall be holding the official Bristol VR Farewell Running Day down in Penzance on Saturday 25th NOVEMBER. I will post more details here as they get confirmed but one bus that is almost certain to be there is this one - OTA290G, seen above in the unlikely surroundings of the Plymouth Citybus Depot at Milehouse.

Although it is looking like I will be unable to attend I will I am sure be able to post a few photos from the event here, as even though its not Plymouth - the Bristol VR was as big a part of the Plymouth transport scene as the Atlantean was.

I will also be starting a small series of Bristol VR photos over the years, many of them from Phil Doddridge as a tribute to these fine machines. So with thanks to Phil I will start with OTA290G whilst in prep at the old Laira Depot.

1056 OTA290G in prep
© Phil Doddridge - used with permission.

As you would expect with such a fine bus there are plenty of photos out there on the net of OTA290G try this page for the ones on Fotopic for a start!

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  1. 25th September? Assuming you don't mean 25th December, I suspect this event will take place on Saturday 25th November

    : )


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