26 November 2006

Two quick notes

Two little things I have noticed this week:

If you, like me, are a fan of Google Earth then you might like to take another look at Plymouth. This last week or so has seen an update and Plymouth is now in a much higher resolution and, more importantly, a lot more of the city is now available to view. Previously you couldnt view much of the North of the City (Derriford Hospital was out for example) but now you can get a much better idea of how Plymouth looks from the air. It is expected that Google Maps will catch up shortly - they still use the old images at the moment.

The second thing I noticed this week, of slightly less importance in the world of computing, but more important to me at least, is that this blog has now passed 10,000 visits (counting from 1st January 2006). November is going to be the busiest month yet standing at 1500 visits so far. When I look back and see than January 2006 saw 250 visits I realise how far things have come. The most satisfying thing for me is that I can see that most of the visits these days are people who come straight to the blog - ie are actually wanting to visit rather than finding it by accident.

As I said in my first post 31st March 2005:
Well, here it is, My first attempt at a blog. At this point I dont really have a clue what is going to appear here or how it is going to end up looking, but I will concentrate on what is happening with the transportation in and around Plymouth, England. I will try and post something every day if I can. This will either be something that has caught my attention that day or maybe just something of interest from my files.So sit back and relax, and wait - something interesting might just appear at some stage - you never know!
It seems I have managed to post at least a few interesting somethings along the way!

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