25 November 2006

Western National VR

© Phil Doddridge - used with permission

1100 SFJ100R sits in the sun in Bretonside Bus Station.

Quick Note:

Sorry nothing much posted this weekend so far, My wife is in London so I am left in charge of my young son Zak (will be four at Christmas) so not had much time to myself! Hopefully next week I will get out and about a bit more - weather permitting anyway. Today we did manage a good trip out on Stagecoach Devon where I tested Zaks staying power on long distant bus travel to the limit - over 7 hours bus travelling time - and he lover every bit of it! A true bus spotter in the making!


  1. and your seven hours were on ............................ let's have the full journey details please. Glad the young fellow likes a good day out.

  2. Details will follow in a posting very shortly. Mum has arrived home tonight so all back to normal now


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