04 November 2006

Tridents in Plymouth

Back in July when this bus was photographed on Royal Parade on its way up to Plymouth Hoe for the bus rally we had no idea that it would soon end up in service in Plymouth!

It has been known that these were destined to join us for a few months now - but I can now confirm that they are now here and today one was on Park and Ride duties while another was on the X80 service. Thanks to Nick Rice for that report.

The situation with the other Tridents that were on their way to Plymouth - ex Bath Park and Ride buses is not quite so simple. A couple of them did indeed arraive and are now hard at work in Plymouth bus others have ended up in York - I will leave it to someone else to explain:

I have moved these Tridents to York to remove the last Olympians fromdaily service earlier than would otherwise have been the case(Febraury 2007). The Tridents will then go to Devon and Cornwall tojoin their stablemates in a series of moves via Cymru to ultimatelyreplace some M-reg Scania/Berkhof vehicles on Green Line services atBerkshire.This is therefore a temporary expedient. Had it been for longer Iwould have moved the Tridents into Bristol and displaced some B7double-deckers which would have been more at home in York under theirVolvo contract maintenance regime.Leon Daniels Commercial Director UK Bus (First Group)

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