07 November 2006

Plymouth Argyle

© Glyn Williams - Used with permission

This very smart MAN / Noge Catalan is the current team coach for Plymouth Argyle Footbal Club. It is supplied by Target Travel.

It also allows me to link to another photograph of a very different coach:

0520 H324HVT Plymouth

H324HVT is a Mercedes minibus operated by Western National a good while back. The connection is that this was a previous team coach used and owned by Plymouth Argyle. If I remember correctly back when Western National was privatised and partially owned by John Preece they got the Argyle contract for the team coach - and had a new DAF coach in full Argyle livery. There was also a Bristol VR in Argyle colours. This was back in the days when there was a very strong expansion of Western National.
This particular photo is by Phil Doddridge who has kindly given me permission to post his photos on this blog, so expect to see many more photos taken around this exciting period of Western National's history over the coming weeks.

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