07 November 2006

New Park and Ride buses for Plymouth

© Omnibuses

Thanks to the Omnibus blog for sending me these two shots of the new Park and Ride buses for Plymouth! I think they will make quite an impression on the streets of Plymouth. Below we have an interior shot which shows the leather seating. Very nice!

First Devon & Cornwall Enviro 400 Interior


  1. Those seats look nice. Pity all the bare painted metal at the back ruins the effect though.

  2. Looking pretty good, a bit more subtle than CityBus' old yellow and green scheme. I'm wondering if they'll roll out that livery on to some of their new Darts for PR2 duty?

  3. the image doesn;t do it justice, the terrible light green, combining with dark green leather makes the back look like a public toilet. It's awful, what a shame for a decent bus, with nice exterior livery, leather seats and at seat radio... a missed opportunity

  4. And having now seen the backs of those leather seats - in itself an interesting design, but with completely no relation to any of the other interior surfaces, the result being a clash of shapes and colours and a result, rather a mess. Not to mention lots of hard surfaces just waiting to be scratched or have things stuck on them, and not very inviting to have in front of you when you're sitting on a nice leather seat. Surely those backs should be covered in leather as well, perhaps with a bit of thin padding?


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