10 October 2006

Citybus Enviro latest

Just a quickie tonight as Flickr is playing up so I cant get at the photos I have waiting to post!

It has now been confirmed that all three Enviro's for Plymouth Citybus are now at Milehouse. WA56HHN has been noted with fleet number 135 so it seems that they will be following on from the step entrance Darts and not in the low floor series.

It seems that their first public appearance will probably be at Bretonside Bus Station on Sunday which is of course the Atlantean Running Day - but you knew that didnt you?

If not - here is a reminder...
On Sunday 15th Oct we are hosting a running day in Plymouth City Centre. Hopefully operating out of Bretonside. It will culminate in the handing over of 171 from CityBus to the PCT PG.It is planned for 1000-1600 with hopefully 8-9 buses running free services around the City.Could you advertise it on your sites and get the word around. Programmes will be available on the day. All profits to St Lukes Hospice,enquiries at: enquiries@plymouthcitytransport.co.uk

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