12 October 2006

New look to the X80

© Nick Rice

Looking very smart is 32709 the new order for the X80 - and a very welcome one for many passengers. At last X80 passengers wont feel like second class citizens when they arrive in Torbay!

Thanks as always to Nick Rice for allowing me to post his photos.


  1. Is the destination board meant to be too narrow to fit the full lettering on? Or is it not programmed correctly?

  2. @Prodigal Green:

    That's probably just shadow. The destiation board is a bit narrow, yes, but it all fits. They've been using these on the PR2 fairly often - it's just a shame that the boards on the side and back don't know how to display "PR2".

    It's good to see that First are building up a nice fleet of low floor double deckers with this, the Tamar Link fleet, the recent influx from London and the upcoming Enviro 400s, which is a lot more than can be said for CityBus; More specifically their PCFE 36 sevice. I've been noticing a lot recently that their darts are not designed to transport the sheer numbers of students to and from the PCFE Goschen Centre and Kings Road. Every morning and afternoon it's standing room only, and there's been a number occasions in the past couple of weeks where in excess of 20 students have been left behind at Royal Parade or Kings Road due to the bus becoming full.

    I've spoken to CityBus and the college representatives about why they don't put double-deckers on this route to accomodate for such a huge amount of students - their reply was that they need to accomodate for Wheelchair and Pushchair users. Fair enough, but why don't they invest some money in some low floor double deckers in order to satisfy both parties instead of buying lots of small buses like the recent Enviro Darts?

  3. Trouble is that FDC will do their usual allocation nightmare and these buses will turn up every where but on the X80.

    On a further point perhaps the student who wants new low floor double deck buses for the college might like to pay the ticket hike needed to purchase the buses. Currently around £120K each.


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