10 September 2006

FDC NEWS Incoming

News posted by Marc Reddy (Top man at FDC) on the South West Yahoo Group yesterday concerning new buses due shortly to arrive for the Plymouth Park and Ride services.

For those interested the following are arriving in FDC shortly:
WA56FTV - 42946 SLF Dart
WA56FTX - 42947 SLF Dart
WA56FTY - 42948 SLF Dart
WA56FTZ - 42969 SLF Dart
WA56FUB - 33411 Enviro 400
WA56FUD - 33412 Enviro 400
WA56FUE - 33413 Enviro 400
WA56FTK - 33414 Enviro 400
WA56FTN - 33415 Enviro 400
WA56FTO - 33416 Enviro 400
WA56FTP - 33417 Enviro 400
WA56FTT - 33418 Enviro 400
WA56FTU - 33419 Enviro 400

The Darts were a surprise - the buses used at the moment are last years brand new Darts. I guess all these new buses will arrive in a new brighter livery for the service which should help increase usage at the George site. This will however be at the expense of the Milehouse site - my sister being one who has used the service over the last few Citybus years when they finally put low floor Darts into action. Now she finds that by the time the buses reach Milehouse, the wheelchair/ buggy spaces have been taken up already - and she cant get on. Last time she used it she let two buses go by before finally getting a space on the third. Folding the buggy was not an option!

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  1. So far as I am aware, the Darts are for use on PR2 (the Coypool P & R), given that the vehicles used at the moment do not have the capacity required. They should be full size unlike the present ones.

    An Enviro400 is expected to be shown at the NEC. In service dates should be November/December.


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