11 September 2006

Life Before Plymouth

© Grahame Bessey

Only recently sold by Plymouth Citybus this Volvo double decker was new to Great Yarmouth, one of many municipal bus companies that have disappeared.

Thanks to Grahame for allowing to me to post this photo. For more of his photos visit his fotopic site

Other photos: Same bus with Chambers, and again and with Rhondda in August 1995.

Terry Partridge photo while still with Citybus

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  1. Hello... found your blog via Google. Today I spotted F51 ACL running for Dews of Somersham, on a service between Ely & Cottenham (Cambs) - it is still in an orangey colour with lettering for a uni in Plymouth, which has been removed. Pic here - http://suzyscott.fotopic.net/p45341581.html

    My own blog is now on livejournal - http://suzyscottdotcom.livejournal.com

    Kind regards & thanks


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