19 September 2006

FDC Incoming?

© Robert Burn

It does seem increasingly likely that the Cornish Tridents are indeed heading for Plymouth. So thanks to Robert Burn for sending me this photo of 32763 taken at Exeter WHOTT Rally this weekend just gone.
Luke Farley added a note on a previous entry here which deserves more prominence:

"I've been told that the Cornish '55' reg Tridents will definately be moving to Plymouth to replace the Royales, which may be moving to the Truro/Camborne corridor.

Also, it is apparently likely that two or three of either the Bath tridents, or the ex-London T8xx LLC park & ride tridents will be converted for Torpoint ferry use to replace the Olympians that have only just arrived their. Both types of tridents have short wheelbases, so would fit around the bottom lake road in Millbrook. Not entirely sure how true this is but it does seem to be quite possible"

Thanks Luke

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