20 September 2006

Bits and Bobs

Not much time tonight to post much so just a few snippets to be going on with:

Plymouth Citybus: 1 N101UTT is the latest repaint into the current livery.
Trathens: The first of the long awaited batch of Neoplan Skyliner coaches has arrived - it carries registration LSK821. Looking forward to seeing one myself!

Finally just to mention a few other blogs that I find worth reading in the hope that you might find interesting too:

Omnibuses which covers the national bus scene and is the first blog I read every day.
Bus Driving A Torquay bus driver - excellent insight into the joys of driving through busy Torbay.
Driving a bus I only found this one after a mention on Omnibuses: A brand new bus driver based on the South Coast with Stagecoach. If you want to find out what its like to train to be a bus driver then this is a great blog to start with.
Plymouth Citybus Photoblog - Well I cant leave out my own sister blog can I? Now up to 21 in my visual fleet list.

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