16 September 2006

Bus Crash

Fifteen hurt in bus and van crash

All the injured were taken to hospital after the crashFifteen people have been injured in a road crash involving a bus and a van in north Devon. The collision happened at Pathfields in South Molton, near the Allers Cross roundabout, on Saturday morning. The van driver was cut free and flown to hospital. His injuries were at first thought very serious, but were later described as non-life-threatening. The bus driver, his 12 passengers and a passenger in the van were described as having minor injuries. All the injured were taken to North Devon District Hospital after the accident, which happened at about 1100 BST.

I know its not strictly Plymouth - but the bus company is Plymouth based First Devon and Cornwall with one of their Hong Kong Darts which has sustained some serious damage. I am glad no one was seriously hurt. This is the second major bus accident in a week as last Sunday a Hookways coach was involved in an accident on Dartmoor. In that case it seems the action of the coach driver was praised by the passengers of the car that was involved as it could have been a lot worse.

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