31 August 2006

CITYBUS NEWS Fares going up

Noticed a notice on my bus to work this morning that Citybus are revising their bus fares.
This is Plymouth reports the increases today
Citybus is hiking adult fares by about five per cent from Sunday - blaming increased fuel prices and demand for petrol in India and China.The firm, owned by Plymouth City Council, insisted it has kept 'increases to a minimum' and reminded customers new cheap-rate child single fares, announced earlier this summer, are also being introduced. Apparently the first hike since October 2005. Of course its mainly rising fuel prices which get the blame for the increase.

Of course passengers wont be happy - no one is happy when costs go up - but one comment left by a reader on the news site did catch my eye:
This is not the first price hike since Oct 05,everytime i get on the bus the price go's up.If the goverment hopes to get more people out of their cars and on to the buses their going the wrong way,bus prices are far too high as it is now.Im giving up using the buses and getting my own car becouse of the high cost,rubbish service and
rude drivers who swear at the customers!

sorry - but this just made me smile!

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