01 September 2006

A new sister blog

A new month brings a new project. A new sister blog for Plymothian Transit!
Plymouth Citybus Photos is a simple photo blog of the whole Citybus fleet - in fleet number order - starting today with number1. I will also add snippets of fleet news - but everything else will stay on Plymothian Transit.
The first posting is reproduced below to give you an idea of what to expect...

St Andrews Cross 19 August 2006
Fleet Number 1 Registration: N101UTT
Dennis Dart SLF Chassis Number SFD322BR1TGW10168
Plaxton Pointer B39F Body Number 9610.6HLZ5331
New June 1996

Other peoples photos of N101UTT
David Oakley - Fotopic undated click here
Peter Wearne - Fotopic Jan 2005 click here

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