12 July 2006

Plymouth Citycoach - in the beginning

© Mark Harrington
Another blast from the past!
KAD355V was a Leyland Leopard Plaxton coach used by Plymouth Citybus for their new Plymouth Citycoach Division. I seem to remember they had two or three of these at the time which I think was the late 1980's. This picture was taken in Blackpool but not sure of the date.
These came after the Leyland National they have in a similar livery. They then started to buy one or two new Volvo coaches each year to build up a small but very smartly presented coach fleet which still survives today - albeit quite a bit reduced.

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  1. Hi Plymouth Citybus had 3 of these Leyland Leopard coahs with Plaxton Supreme bodywork aquired from National Travel west / Wessex they were KAD 352/4/5V 352/4/5 sadly 354 was destroyed in a serious road accident but 352 still is around today and similar 359 is preserved


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