13 July 2006

Plymothian Bridges - Number 2


When I started Plymothian Bridges last week it was quite easy to decide the first two. The 'modern' Tamar Bridge built in 1961 is another famous landmark and symbol of Devon and Cornwall. Or to be fair its the two bridges together that have become the much loved icon.
I first blogged about the two bridges back in January but its well worth a return visit.

The Bridge has its own web site which provides a fair bit of information along with some nice photographs with its webcams. Another source of nice photos is the Westcountry Views page
The extension work carried out in 2001-2002 was groundbreaking and recieved world wide attention. It was also a finalist in the Prime Ministers Award for Better Public Buildings. There is more information about the bridge and the widening project here. Another award.

There are one or two more of my photos on my Tabblo page here

Just out of interest there is another Tamar Bridge that does not really qualify for its own entry into Plymothian Bridges but is quite an attractive brige in its own right in Tasmania

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