01 June 2006

Fowey Steam Pony

Just catching up with events over the passed few days which may be of interest to the Plymothian Transit readers.

11:50 - 30 May 2006
The Fowey Pony steamed into Plymouth yesterday on a whistle stop tour of Devon and Cornwall. The BR Standard Four steam locomotive, number 76079, got train spotters excited as it chugged into Plymouth Station in the afternoon and then left for Fowey in Cornwall. Andy State, director of the company behind the tour, Pastime Rail, said: "The locomotive went from Plymouth, over the River Tamar and took the highly scenic Fowey branch yesterday. It's all part of a programme to bring steam trains to parts of Devon and Cornwall which haven't seen them for a long time."

It sounds like a great trip and I wished I had known about it at the time as I know my young son would have loved to have seen it. Whilst searching for info about this trip I cam across UKSteam.Info which gives all known details of steam train trips on mainline tracks so maybe now I will find out in advance!

A search on Fotopic gives plenty of photos of the train as various locations so for your viewing pleasure try these links

Forder, Hemerdon Bank,
Excellent shot of the train at Crewe back in May.

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