02 February 2006

Atlantean gone

162 TTT162X one of the last Leyland Atlanteans of Plymouth Citybus has now been reported as being down in Cornwall where it joins the fleet of Roselyn Coaches. While it is good that these fine buses are still on the road, its sad to see them quietly slip out of Plymouth like this.
New in December 1981 its a Leyland Atlantean AN68C/1R with chassis number 8100752. Bodywork by East Lancs body number A2810 seating 74.

I just hope that they wont leave too quietly and that Citybus give us all a chance to say goodbye to these buses which have served Plymouth well for the past fourty years or so. This is assuming that they haven't already gone? I think that 170 may still be about but I am not sure.



  1. Graham, 40 years fior the Atlanteans. Just a little ambitious.

  2. I mean the Atlanteans all togther have served Plymouth for over 40 years, not any individual buses. I believe the first ones arrived in about 1960 or 1961?



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