03 February 2006

Atlanteans in exile

Not got much time tonight so I thought I would post a few links to photos of Plymouth Citybus Atlanteans elsewhere in the country. Not sure how many I can find but here we go:

088 GDR213N Liverline in full Citybus livery still © Roy Naylor (link gone)
091 LTK91R Finglands © Chris Lowe
096 LTK96R Finglands © Chris Lowe
120 OCO120S P&O Llyod © Chris Lowe
120 OCO120S P&O Lloyd © Richard Turner
124 STK124T Guide Friday © Malcolm Audsley
125 STK125T The City Tour © Terry Stapley
125 STK125T UKIP in purple © Alan O Watkins
130 STK130T Guide Friday © Adam Floyd
140 VJY140V Abbotts of Leeming © David Herron
147 VJY147V City Sightseeing © Steve Maskell
147 VJY147V The Tour (Different livery) © David Allen
156 ATK156W Roselyn © Chris Maxfield
157 ATK157W Roselyn © Chris Maxfield
161 ATK161W Leicester Tour © Tony Gs Buses
163 TTT163X Roselyn © Chris Maxfield
164 TTT164X Roselyn © Chris Maxfield
165 TTT165X RiverLink © Ian Kirby

and finally a small but very interesting collection of old Plymouth Citybus photos can be found here

I hope you find something of interest here - its always good fun exploring other peoples fofotpic sites!

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