01 February 2006


A752VAF is one of a batch of Leyland Olympians new to Western National which have been part of the Plymouth scene for all their lives. They have had many different liveries and although getting on a bit are not bad buses at all.
The latest news is that FDC are getting a few more Olympians with a report posted on the South West Buses Yahoo Group:
A normally reliable source within First Essex tells me that dual purpose seated Gardner-engined Olympian/ECW 34809 (C409HJN) left Clacton for First Devon & Cornwall over the weekend, and that 34812/3 (C412/3HJN) are due to follow towards the end of this week. All are in Barbie 2 livery.
It remains to be seen where they end up - probably in deepest Cornwall but you never know with First D&C.
A photo of C412HJN is here on on Nick Fields Essex Bus Scene Fotopic gallery which has amny other excellent photos of buses in Essex and beyond.

Other News:

12:00 - 01 February 2006
A pensioner is still refusing to pay her council tax in protest over an axed bus service - despite Plymouth City Council stepping in to secure a new bus link. Fordie Preston, 80, stopped paying her council tax in December after First Bus announced it was to withdraw its number 17 service linking Glenholt with the city centre. Now Plymouth City Council says it will work with bus operators to solve the problem, after Glenholt Residents Association collected a 250-signature petition calling for action.The authority announced yesterday that it will work with bus companies to identify a new route to link Glenholt with the new park-and-ride scheme at the George junction. "Our aim is to have a shuttle service which runs perhaps once an hour which will link in with Derriford and the George junction park-and-ride. To do that we are going to need money." Full story...
She was even on the BBC local news program Spotlight tonight.


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