27 December 2005

FDC cutting back

FDC have posted details of changes to Plymouth services from 3rd January.

Service Change Details

03/01/2006 Service changes in South Devon from Tuesday 3 January 2006
Service 17 - Widewell /Glenholt to Plymouth City Centre
Service 52/52A - Saltash to Derriford Hospital
Service 79 - Tavistock to Calstock
It is with regret that First have to announce that the services listed above are being withdrawn.The services have suffered falling passenger numbers and as a result have become no longer commercially viable.

I am not surprised at the 17 coming off but its going to make a lot of people angry. Apparently the Glenholt Residents Association are up in arms about it - but maybe if some of the residents actually used the service then maybe, just maybe it wouldn't be withdrawn?

the 17 is also the last of the bus services to go into the Plymouth International Estate where I work. Oh well!

The 52 is a bit more of a surprise as it does seem to be fairly well used. at least at peak times anyway. I think there is more chance of someone taking this on than the 17.

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