28 December 2005

Odds and ends

A few bits of news to catch my eye tonight:

It is reported on the South West Bus Group that Plymouth Citybus have ordered another 8 Dennis Dart MPDs for Mercedes 709 replacement. I am a bit surprised they have returned to Dennis as they were not that happy with the last batch - but then I guess there isn't much choice for this sized bus at the moment as they have already rejected the Optare Solo as unsuitable.
The ex Park & Ride 205 now in standard livery is being trialled on several of the Merc Mini routes and is ok on all but two of them (18 and 22).

Citybus have also confirmed that they are taking over the 52 from FDC (Saltash end - to be renumbered the 152) and the Tavistock 98s. Looks like nothing for Glenholt residents!

I haven't reported much on Air Transport in Plymouth so to start us off try this story

More than 50 people were stranded at Plymouth Airport yesterday after their flight to Newcastle failed to show up.Air Wales has apologised after the 7am flight from Plymouth to Newcastle, stopping in Wales, failed to arrive.Passengers claimed the flight never actually existed, and that Air Wales did not run the service on Bank Holidays despite taking bookings from almost 60 passengers beforehand. ...
[This is Plymouth ]

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