24 June 2024

Stagecoach and Roselyn

It remains quiet with just 4 new notices published over the last week:

Roselyn Coaches Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1038599.007 72 Tregoad Park Trelawne Manor 29-Jul-2024 New service: Monday - Sunday

This is a summer holiday service linking the two holiday camps with Looe in the middle.

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.011 12 Newton Abbot Brixham 22-Jun-2024 Timetable variation
PH1020951.389 173 Exeter Sidwell Street Moretonhampstead 28-Jul-2024 Route and timetable variation
PH1020951.359 Lets Rock Exeter St Davids Station Powderham Castle 29-Jun-2024 Route and timetable variation

Not sure what is going on with the 12.

Timetables where available, including the 92 which comes into place this week

OperatorRoute DescriptionStartEndLibrary
Roselyn Coaches 72 Tregoad Holiday Park - East Looe - Trelawne Manor 29/07/2024 07/09/2024 T003125
Stagecoach South West 92 Totnes - Halwell - Dartmouth 30/06/2024 T003122
Stagecoach South West 173 Exeter - Tedburn St Mary - Moretonhampstead 28/07/2024 T003126
Stagecoach South West Lets Rock Exeter St Davids Stn - Powderham Castle 29/06/2024 29/06/2024 T003129


  1. Love the use of route number 72 by Roselyn for their new route.

  2. Roselyn doing that in 19 mins during the summer is ridiculous times

  3. I wonder if it will be an Open Top route.


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