27 June 2024

Beer & Buses

Beer and Buses This weekend!

beer buses

Details taken from Facebook for anyone who is not on that platform for the Beer & Buses event on Saturday

Departure guide:

Please find below a departure guide to get you going on Saturday, from principal departure points. Buses will observe all normal bus stops also, so clearly indicate to the driver you'd like to travel with them, and they'll stop to pick you up.

Full timetables are available in the programme.

Torpoint Ferry from 11am and then the same minutes past each hour:

xx00 - Blue

xx15 - Red

xx20 Green

xx30 - Orange

xx50 - Green

Millbrook Quay

Purple to Seaton - 1153 and then at xx53 past each hour

Green to Torpoint/St John - 1205 and then at xx30 and xx00 past each hour

Blue to Torpoint/Cawsand/Whitsand - 1223 and then xx23 past each hour

Cawsand Triangle

Purple to Seaton, 1203 and then xx03 past each hour

Blue to Torpoint, 1231 and then xx31 past each hour

To Millbrook - 1133 and then at xx05 and xx33 from 1300

St Germans Rail Station:

Towards Seaton at 1142 then hourly at xx42 past the hour

Towards Torpoint at 1247 then hourly at xx47 past the hour

Seaton from 1200:

xx20 - Red to Torpoint via Hessenford and St Germans

xx20 - Purple to Millbrook via Crafthole and Cawsand

xx55 - Orange to Torpoint via Crafthole and Antony

Programmes will now only be available on the day, from the Torpoint Ferry, Millbrook Quay, Antony, Seaton and Downderry

For those of you interested in the buses being operated this weekend, please see below the vehicles booked to operate on each group of routes. Please bear in mind that this is subject to change on the day due to vehicle availability.


Bristol VR XHK 228X

Bristol VR LFJ 847W

Bristol VR LFJ 873W

Volvo B8RLE T500 TCL

Leyland Atlantean TTT 168X

Leyland Atlantean TTT 171X

Leyland National LAG 188V


Bristol LHS VOD 124K

Bristol LHS FDV 787V

Mercedes 709D N283 PDV

Mercedes 614D MX05 CZW


Volvo B58 LUA 255V

Dennis Dart K105 SFJ

Dennis Dart L401 VCV

Volvo B6 M53 HOD

Tamar Coaches LTD have very kindly agreed to run a 'Feeder' service to and from the event, from Plymouth, on Saturday. Times are as follows:

1025 Royal Parade, Theatre Royal (Stop A8)

1030 Railway Station, Saltash Road

1032, Milehouse, Bus Depot

1035, Stoke Village

1100, arrive Torpoint

The bus will observe all stops along the way, but please indicate very clearly to the driver, Kian, that you're intending to travel with him.

The bus will also return to Plymouth, leaving at 1840 from Torpoint.

I am not sure if I will be there myself yet, but have a great time everyone. The weather isnt looking too bad either.

If you are on Facebook keep an eye on the event page for any last minute updates


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  1. Just like to thank everyone involved with organising and running this event. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and can't wait for next year.


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