02 April 2024

Picture Trail 002: I am so sorry

Picture Trail 001 was a First bus which was sorry for not being in service.  Today we have First Devon & Cornwall 34052 P252UCW a Volvo Olympian with very nice Northern Counties bodywork seen here in September 2010 at Marsh Mills Roundabout, Plymouth which was equally apologetic

First 34052 P252UCW

34052 came from First Bristol in December 2009, leaving the fleet in February 2016 to Dan Shears, being scrapped by February 2019


  1. It's a shame the state First got themselves into, they really did treat Devon & Cornwall as a dumping ground, by the time they tried to overhaul the business circa 2012-2015 it was just too late.

  2. Nothing to do with First or being sorry, but have a look at Hulley's of Baslow's web site. Their "brand new fleet look" is TSW's logo from 1982-1992! Very strange - I wondered if it was an April Fool, but apparently not.


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