20 November 2023

January Timetables for Citybus

Plymouth Citybus have given us plenty of notice for a few timetable changes in January.

Some changes to bus services will come into effect in January 2024. Most changes are designed to improve reliability or are in response to passenger feedback. See details below for these upcoming changes:

  • 5/5A

Additional early morning journey to operate, as part replacement for 85, running via Pomphlett Road. At weekends, this journey starts from Sherford; running through from Plympton. Revised times in the evenings to improve timekeeping. 

  • 20A/20B

Revised running times on service 20A to improve timekeeping throughout the route. 

Passengers from Plympton are advised that buses towards the City Centre depart a couple minutes earlier than present. 

17:30 departure from Royal Parade becomes 17:35; with the last two journeys from Ivybridge also five minutes later. 

07:05 journey from Chaddlewood to Royal Parade for 07:50 on weekdays will now operate on school holiday mornings due to passenger demand. 

Additional early morning journeys as 20B, as part replacement for 85. On weekdays, these journeys on 20B will run onto existing services 21/21A at Marsh Mills.

  • 27

Revised timetable in conjunction with Plymouth City Council. Service will no longer serve the George Park and Ride site; but instead will continue via Runway Road and Marjons to Derriford Hospital. 

We are pleased to announce the reintroduction of this service on a Saturday.

  • 48

Revised afternoon timetable to improve reliability. 

16.45 from Wembury becomes 16.55 on school days; not serving Cattedown, Coxside or Mayflower Street.  

17.40 from Wembury becomes 17.45 Monday to Saturday. 

  • 84/85

These services will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. 5/5A and 20B have additional journeys to cover some of these services.


I for one welcome the return of Saturday service on the 27 which I expected, The useful extension into Derriford Hospital is a bonus for me!

Plymouth Citybus 712 AU13FBL


  1. The 20b is useless as it doesn't provide an early trip that people want like the 85 does! total waste of time!

  2. So what happens to the Citybus drivers who start early or finish late? They have to drive in I guess? What about late night / early shift workers? Kind of leaves some people in a mess.

  3. I'm sure if the numbers were there the services would not have been deregistered


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