09 October 2023

A Really Mixed Bag

Sorry this one again is late but I was unwell over the weekend. That said the last week has seen quite a few new notices published. Quite a mixed bag:

Dealtop Ltd Dartline

New timetables for Torquay Grammar school from this week.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0005305.073 TG001 Exeter, Sidwell Street Torquay Grammar School 10-Oct-2023 Timetable variation
PH0005305.074 TG003 Exminster, Royal Oak Torquay Grammar School 10-Oct-2023 Timetable variation
PH0005305.077 TG002 Clyst St. Mary Torquay Grammar School 10-Oct-2023 Timetable variation

Plymouth Citybus Inc Go Cornwall

Three really old ones which say July – but they were all new timetables at the start of September! The interesting one is the withdrawal of one of the Home Park services which only started this season. Joining a history of Home Park services which have come and quickly gone

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.227 21 St Austell Newquay 26-Jul-2023 Revise times for reliability & revise from September 2023…
Revised timetable and routing to enable service to connect with service 26 at St Austell and accommodate revised session times at Tretherras School. This will provide a cross St Austell service enabling improved access to local facilities. Whitemoor will no longer be served by ser 21 but will be linked to St Austell and Truro by service 22. Passengers wishing to travel between Whitmoor and Newquay will be able to change buses at St Dennis
PH0000135.327 25 Fowey Newquay 26-Jul-2023 Times revised for reliability. From 3rd September: Some minor timetable changes to improve the route reliability, Level of service remains as now.  The Sunday service will be re-numbered 28 and be extended to the Eden Project
PH0000135.255 93 91 94 Newquay Truro 26-Jul-2023 Revise times for reliability Introduce service for Newquay Park & Ride. Timetables updated from 3 September 2023
PH0000135.339 PA1 Home Park Saltash 03-Dec-2023 Cancel

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

First of a batch of timetables changes for the end of October.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.136 21C, 21A, 21, 815, 821, 921 Ilfracombe or Barnstaple Appledore or Westward Ho! 29-Oct-2023 Introduction of 15:40 21C departure from Barnstaple Bus Station to Croyde Bay and Return at 16:50 Monday to Saturday.  Withdrawal of School day 7:55 21C departure from Georgeham via Southmead School, and 14:50 School day variation and return of departure time from Barnsatple to 14:40 to match the clockface departure time form the rest of the day.  Departure times of Short 21 journey from Bideford to Barnstaple between 08:30 and 18:30 to fall in line with 15 minutes headway of combined 21/21A. (except 17:25 departure)  Withdrawal of 00:27 21A extension from Barnstaple to Ilfracombe Monday to Saturday as it was previously added in error.   No changes to 921, 815 or 821 services.
PH1020951.354 95 Exeter Bus Station/Exmouth Imperial Road Sandy Bay, Devon Cliffs 28-Oct-2023 Seasonal timetable change for the autumn period
PH1020951.385 122 Babbacombe Devon Bay Hoburne Holiday Park 28-Oct-2023 Cancel
Service 122 will operate until Saturday 28 October 2023, which coincides with the end of October half-term, when the service will then end for the 2023 season.:

Taw & Torridge Coaches Ltd

Apart from the 31 which changed back at the start of September I presume these are all just tidying up old redundant registrations from services registered back in 2002.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004727.005 18 THROWLEIGH Garage OKEHAMPTON Community College 03-Oct-2023 cancel. Service was registered back in 2002 and no changes since! 
PH0004727.022 31 Ilfracombe, St James Place Gardens Woolacombe Sands 03-Sep-2023 Variation to timetable
PH0004727.004 67 ATHERINGTON Ashley Manor HIGH BICKINGTON CP School 03-Oct-2023 cancel. Registered back in 2002 with no changes since!
PH0004727.001 BB0 TORRINGTON Church BIDEFORD The Pill 03-Oct-2023 cancel. Registered back in 2002 with no changes since!
PH0004727.002 NOT AV. BRAUNTON Heddon Mill BRAUNTON 03-Oct-2023 cancel. Registered back in 2002 with no changes since!
PH0004727.003 NOT AV. TORRINGTON Church BEAFORD CP School 03-Oct-2023 cancel. Registered back in 2002 with no changes since!

Saltash & District Age Concern

Another change from the start of September!

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
CB0002420/B1877 451A Trerulefoot, Kernow Mill Liskeard, Barrass Street 08-Sep-2023 To amend route and timetable.

Surely we must be nearly done with Septembers changes!

This week

Apart from the Dartline TG services above we just have these two Goose Fair services this week:

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.252 300 Yelverton Airfield Tavistock 11-Oct-2023 Operates on Wednesday 11 October 2023 to provide a shuttle service for the Tavistock Goose Fair
PH1020951.411 301 Tavistock Whitchurch Down 11-Oct-2023 Operates on Wednesday 11 October 2023 to provide a shuttle service for the Tavistock Goose Fair

As always click through on the licences above for full route histories with relevant timetables and maps.


  1. New service 30/31 Plymouth city centre to Plymouth city centre via Mannamead and Peverell starting end of October from Stagecoach. Possibly a reinstatement of the old subsidised 31 and 39 combined perhaps?

    1. What's the exact route of the 30/31??

    2. Absolutely no idea... sorry. I am guessing a circular combination of ex 31 and 39 routes perhaps not including Hartley Vale or Pennycross parts. 30 one way, 31 the other but could be totally wrong!

    3. no need to be sorry :) - interesting... i live in the Ham / Pennycross area so even the thought of a new bus service is exciting.

      will be interesting to see what frequency the service is, as well as what vehicles they use (probs gonna be their newer Solos / E200s I'd assume?)

    4. I heard a rumour from a relative that the 60/61 may potentially be extended back to Derriford - is there any possibility / further knowledge of this?

  2. Services 30/31 are a mix of old 31 and 39 covering Mannamead Ashford Crescent Kneele Gardens Hartley Vale parts of old 39 then from Hartley Vale via Morrisons to pick up old 31 route from Peverell Park Road via Fird Park and Mutley to city. 30 anticlockwise 31 clockwise


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