25 September 2023

Last week a day later...

Sorry this is late as I ran into technical problems over the weekend…

It was fairly quiet last week with just a few new notices:

Alansway Coaches Ltd – Country Bus

new timetables apparently for the 88 although nothing new has been published from this date

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1017984.138 88 Newton Abbot, Sherborne Road Totnes 18-Sep-2023 Changes to timetable (No new timetable on Traveline)
PH1017984.139 88A Newton Abbot, Sherborne Road Newton Abbot, Sherborne Road 18-Sep-2023 Changes to timetable (No new timetable on Traveline)

Dealtop Ltd – Dartline

Yet another old one from a couple of weeks ago!

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes
PH0005305.074 TG003 Digby, Russell Way Torquay Grammar School 04-Sep-2023 timetable vary

Plymouth Citybus Ltd Go Cornwall

Yep, more old ones including the last of the Argyle services from August!

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.236 36 36A Truro St Keverne 03-Sep-2023 0740 Devoran to Richard Lander School withdrawn. Provision for schoolchildren made by Cornwall Council
PH0000135.307 40 40A 36S Truro Redruth 03-Sep-2023 correction to day code on 0745 ex Truro, which does not operate on schooldays, but is replaced by 36S
PH0000135.344 173 Looe Callywith College 07-Sep-2023 Monday to Friday during working days of Callywith College. Not on Traveline as at 18/09 (or any site!)
PH0000135.342 PA4 Home Park Coypool P&R 05-Aug-2023 New Service to operate on Plymouth Argyle home match days. For evening fixtures, the journeys are timed to arrive a the ground 45 minutes bewfore the match and depart 20 minutes after the match

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

a very minor change – different bus stands at Paignton Bus Station from last week

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.198 GOLD Paignton Plymouth 17-Sep-2023 Paignton Bus Station Stand for GOLD bus moved from Bay 12 to Bay 3.

Coming up

There is only the one chnage due this coming week:

Filers Travel Ltd

Service 655 cancelled

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1066351.029 655 Swimbridge, Hooda Close Barnstaple Bus Station 27-Sep-2023 Cancelled

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully now I have sorted my technical issues I can get in a few more post's this week…


  1. The 88/88A is a couple of morning timing changes departing Newton Abbot on Mondays to Fridays. 88A at 07.15 is advanced to 07.10 and 88 at 07.50 is advanced to 07.40.

  2. Just looking on bustimes - coach 324 BF63 ZPY has been doing trips on the 60 today? Is this true??

    1. Of course not

    2. No, but as a user of the 60, the capacity wouldn’t go amiss 😂 doesn’t make sense how the 61 is operated by full length EcoCity’s and the 60 gets 10.8m E200’s which are usually the 56/07/57 plates. Sometimes we get treated to an 08 plate. 🎉

    3. Bus times is not a reliable source for information unless its for a registration plate or fleet number. Whilst i dont get involved with the site there is serveral users keep changing stuff such as paint before it is seen out on the road. Another flaw is people are constantly removing vehicles vehicles from list purely because they arent tracking. As an example 4 Citaros are listed on the list which should be removed from fleet or have something added to show which are trainer buses and which are withdrawn. Some E400s which were in reserve fleet have also kept been removed from the list and kept reappearing as they came back into service. E400 489 being one! So if you see a coach tracking on a 60 its probably just a ticket machine thats been swapped.


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