23 April 2023

Tasty new route - but its already over

There has been one new notice this last few days and its for an even which has happened this weekend

Plymouth Citybus (Go Cornwall)

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.330 A Helston Coinagehall St Porthleven Bus Shelter 21-Apr-2023 Operates for the Porthleven Food Festival 21st - 23rd April 2023 only.

No new timetables coming into play this week either

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  1. The timetables suggest that the 366/M/U are operated with a single vehicle and driver, the bus operating the M and U journeys in between the 366 inbound and outbound journey. I expect another operator (most likely Greenslades or Dartline) is taking over the contract.

    1. It’s Dartline, Greenslades doesn’t have the required maintenance facilities to increase discs.


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