20 April 2023

Stunning Dawlish Video

Just a quickie tonight. A very nice video from the new sea wall at Dawlish this morning. from the excellent Dawlish Beach Cams channel

Its nice to see the new wall doing its job well!


  1. In other news. Recently seen that 251 has now been permanently withdrawn from Citybus. Its the end of the Darts.

  2. 251 currently in reserve, she’s not yet entirely withdrawn though I expect the end is in sight.

    1. Jason Beverly recently commented to say it's now Withdrawn.

    2. Spoke to Jason today (Tuesday) and 251 is definitely withdrawn (leaking radiator). Also sad news about Dart 61. I'd always hoped this would be preserved but according to Jason it's gone for scrap. Shame, as it was a great bus to drive. Let's hope that 251 has a better future.


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