16 April 2023

New timetables this week

Starting off with a quick recap of timetable changes coming into effect this week

Alansway Coaches Ltd County Bus

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1017984.014 176 Newton Abbot, Sherborne Road Denbury, Down Lane 17-Apr-2023 Timetable variation

Redwoods Travel Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1077645.006 681 Farway, Church Green Honiton, Heathfield Tesco 17-Apr-2023 Variation to timetable and stopping places
PH1077645.005 682 Honiton, Heathfield Tesco Upottery, Sidmouth Arms 17-Apr-2023 Timetable variation
PH1077645.001 697 Hemyock, Lower Millhayes Tiverton Bus Station 17-Apr-2023 Variation to to route, timetable and stopping places

Taw & Torridge Coaches

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004727.013 654 Brayford, Shelter Barnstaple Bus Station 18-Apr-2023 Route and timetable variation
PH0004727.010 657 South Molton, The Square Barnstaple Bus Station 18-Apr-2023 Cancelled
PH0004727.011 658 West Buckland, Opposite Village Hall Barnstaple Bus Station 18-Apr-2023 Timetable variation

Click on the licence number for the full route history for each route with timetables and maps available for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry – but have had intermittent  internet this afternoon so have been unable to complete everything else I had planned for this posting – and am just making this one live while I still can just in case it goes again!

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  1. First Cornwall by kernow have picked up 3 more school runs from this week 2 go callington school the other a school in camelford. Bustimes.org has details


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