06 November 2022

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2022: Week 44

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

My wish that things would quieten down a bit have come true as there has only been two notices this week, and one of those is an old catch up.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH1066351.029 655 Swimbridge, Hooda Close Barnstaple Bus Station 01-Nov-2022 Tuesday
One return journey NEW SERVICE
PH0006159.414 X53 (X51) Bridport Coach Station Axminster Rail Station 08-Mar-2021 Service reverts to normal stopping service for all journeys FIRST HAMPSHIRE & DORSET LIMITED

The 655 started this last week, and there are no timetable changes due this coming week

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You might just spot a flash of orange to the left. Thats for Tamar Coaches!

and thats it for this week…


  1. Looks like more changes are on the horizon! Copied this from what appears to be a memo posted to drivers at PCB posted to a neighbourhood group.
    Presumably these will be put back out to tender, perhaps Oakleys will see the return of some service work in and around Plymouth. Can’t see quite how an easy option will be achieved for the 44A and Holly Park section though - wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t remain in PCBs hands.

    I am aware some of you already know this but maybe not what has
    actually happened. For those of you not aware, after 31st December
    the following services will no longer be run by us or any other
    operator at present: 17, 18, 27, 39 & 44A.
    We have not "lost" the contracts but the Company has informed the
    Council that we will no longer run them. The 44 will keep running on a
    30min cycle to Whitleigh Green/Taunton Avenue but as for the other
    routes, that is now in the hands of the Council.
    Rumours are obviously circulating that certain groups will now have to
    be disbanded and I can assure you that no decisions have been made
    as yet.

    1. Confused about wording. Says no operator will run them so as they're all council contracts, is the council axing funding totally? Don't understand 'certain groups being disbanded'? Other routes such as SC 200 & Sherford 2A extension are also supported so are they doomed as well? Note these are City not County contracts.

    2. Can't see it being anyone other than Oakleys as Stagecoach don't seem interested in tender work. Although it could just be citybus trying to get better terms again?

    3. I think that 'certain groups being disbanded' is referring to some Citybus driver's groups being disbanded.

    4. Seems services 19,31,39,44a and 54 are axed all together from start of January (no replacement operator) The other services have been retendered which I suspect will remain with Citybus!

    5. I have heard rumours 52 at least is going to Stagecoach. 19,31,39,44a and 54 will not have replacement and are withdrawn. I think citybus are continuing 13 and 14. Not sure whom will get the 17,18,27 etc at present

  2. As reported on the Herald newspaper website today, Plymouth City Council will be axing the 19 & 31 (Stagecoach) and 39, 44A & 54 (CityBus) completely. Of the surviving contracts that CityBus are finishing with, the 17, 18 & 27, there's no indication yet who will be running them.

    1. Seems 17/18 SC, 27 Citybus, 13/14 unsure?

    2. The 19 could be partially replaced by diverting the 59 via Merafield.

    3. So Oakleys left with nothing in Plymouth area?

    4. Unfortunately nothing for Oakleys. 13,14 and 27 Citybus. 17,18 and 52 Stagecoach

    5. Not mentioned 200, also supported since April after SC ended commercial operation.


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