18 September 2022

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2022 Week 37

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

Lots again this last week with most of these still being from the first week of September, which seem to be taking a long time to filter through

  • DJ Watts (Torbay Buses) a new timetable for local service 25 from this weekend. New timetable is on the page. No idea what has changed as neither Torbay Council or the operator bother to detail their services at all
  • Plymouth Citybus – quite a few late changes to timetables from 4th September.
  • Dealtop (Dartline) This is an odd one in that they appear to be cancelling service 373 which I didn't get through as a new service in the first place. Traveline show timetables as being joint with Stagecoach so it does appear the service is continuing from 30 October
  • Summercourt (Travel Cornwall) Another service changed back from 4 September
  • AVMT changes to the 897 and 899, again from 4th September. These new timetables have yet to appear on Traveline
  • Stagecoach. New timetables for X38, again from 4 September

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH1117103.014 25 Paignton, Totnes Road, Morrisons Paignton, Youngs Park, Youngs Park Road 19-Sep-2022 Route and timetable amended D J WATTS COACH TRAVEL LTD
PH0000135.316 27 Plymouth, Royal Parade Southway, The George Park & Ride 05-Sep-2022 Monday to Saturday PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.053 34 Plymouth City Centre Estover 04-Sep-2022 Revise times to enable passengers from services 70 70A & 70B to make connections to trael to/from Derriford Hospital PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.236 36 36A 36S St Keverne Truro 04-Sep-2022 Add services 36A & 36S, revise school times for Poltair & Helston schools & revise route & timetable. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.311 36 Plymouth City College Plymouth, Royal Parade 05-Sep-2022 Journeys from Oceansgate re - routed between Kings Road and Paradise Road and between Plymouth Rail Station and Royal Parade. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.307 40 40A Redruth Truro 04-Sep-2022 Monday - Friday, not bank holidays.
There are significant changes to services in the Camborne and Redruth areas

Service 47 is replaced by service 40 and operates between Truro and Redruth via St Day.

Service will operate 2 hourly between Truro and Redruth and hourly between St Day and Redruth

Evening and Sunday services are reduced due to low passenger numbers
PH0000135.008 42 42A 42B Plymouth City Centre Tamerton Foliot 04-Sep-2022 correction to inbound timetable - outbound journeys were retimed for peak traffic congestion but inbound journeys were not. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.149 42C Plymouth City Centre Woolwell 04-Sep-2022 Retime certain inbound journeys - outbound journeys were retimed for traffic congestion but inbound were not PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.010 44 44A Plymouth City Centre Whitleigh 04-Sep-2022 Adjusted times for traffic congestion PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.248 59 (59A) Newquay Newquay 05-Sep-2022 Revise route, terminal points, service number & timetable PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.150 70 70A 70B Cremyll Plymouth 04-Sep-2022 Revise route & timetable to serve Great Park estate in Torpoint.
All journeys will run through Great Park in Torpoint, providing a through service to Plymouth without the need to change buses

There will be direct links for students to or from Plymouth travelling beyond Torpoint to Crafthole and Portwrinkle
PH0000135.164 72 72A 171 Plymouth Polperro 04-Sep-2022 Revise timetable. Some journeys restored to Hannafore. Servce 171 added PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.165 74,174 Callington Liskeard 05-Sep-2022 Revised timetable. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.160 79 79A 174 Tavistock Callington 05-Sep-2022 Revise 174 terminal points to Calstock (Quay) to Callington (New Road)
Revise 79A to depart Tavistock at 1510 on schooldays to meet revised finish time at Tavistock Community College
PH0000135.255 93 (93E) Truro Newquay 04-Sep-2022 Revise route to Truro - Dairyland - Newquay. Evening service 93E via Fraddon & White Cross. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.277 96, 96S, 96A, 96B Bodmin Wadebridge 05-Sep-2022 Afernoon journey retimed to provide 1435 departure from Sir James Smith School PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.194 180 181 96 96A Bodmin Wadebridge 05-Sep-2022 Service withdrawn from Michaelstow & St Breward. Timetable renumbered from 55 to 96 & revised. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0005305.079 373 Fulford Drive, Cullompton Tiverton Bus Station 29-Oct-2022 Cancellation. Appears to continue joint with Stagecoach DEALTOP LIMITED
PH1011427.091 428 East Looe (Bridge) Summercourt, London Inn 04-Sep-2022 Timetable variation. SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD
PH2050218.005 897 Beer Cross The Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis 05-Sep-2022 Revised timetable. AVMT BUSES LIMITED
PH2050218.010 897B Beer Cross Lyme Regis, The Woodroffe School 05-Sep-2022 Week days - term time only. AVMT BUSES LIMITED
PH2050218.002 899 899S Exmouth Tesco Seaton Sea Front 05-Sep-2022 Timetable variation AVMT BUSES LIMITED
PH2050218.009 899C Exmouth, Tesco Seaton Sea Front 05-Sep-2022 Weekdays term time only. AVMT BUSES LIMITED
PH1020951.040 X38 Exeter Bus Station Buckfastleigh 04-Sep-2022 Revised timetable. STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH1020951.158 X38 Buckfastleigh Plymouth 04-Sep-2022 Timetable variation STAGECOACH DEVON LTD

The roll out of service registration updates from the Vehicle Operator Licensing service for the early September changes has been really protracted which is a real pain. Some of these seem to be late changes but its clear that a lot of them are just taking ages to trickle through on their web site feed. Hopefully most of these will be through now and things will settle down a bit…

This Week

The only new timetable from this week is Torbay Buses 25 as detailed above

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  1. Dartline are indeed coming off Devon CC supported 373 leaving it to struggling Stagecoach alone so that it can cancel even more journeys

  2. Believe the change to Torbay Minibuses 25 is to take it out of Torbay Rd (Paignton's main st) as there are plans to pedestrianize part of the road, looking at the traveline map for the goodrington - morrisons run, from Paignton Harbour it now serves Sands Rd & Dartmouth Rd to get to Torquay Rd not Sea Front & Torbay Rd, routing in other direction unchanged. No change for Stagecoach 122 (open top) though, unless this will carry on for the next few weeks until seasonal withdrawal, be interesting to see how they route it next year

    1. No, Torbay Road is already closed as I saw it yesterday with 122 no longer going anywhere near Paignton seafront which is unfortunate for a seaside open-top service.

  3. Torbay Road has been pedestrianised from 19th September apparently permanently .
    Wonder which way Stagecoach 122 is going
    Is there is any truth in Stagecoach taking over Country Bus route 75

    1. Won on DCC tender so that it can cancel even more services

    2. 122 running inland via 12 & 22 route not serving seafront or hotels in either direction.

  4. There's no end date for the 122, but as other Torbay timetables are changing from Sunday 2nd October I would expect it to coincide with that.

  5. The fsw tridents being replaced by newer b9tl out of fwoe.

  6. Does anyone know what's happened to Stagecoach's 46 service? It seems to have been quietly axed, although it appears it was planned to be merged with the route 7 as the X7 back last year???

    1. The 46 (and the X64) was withdrawn from 14th April 2019, replaced by routes 7 (Exeter-Totnes), 7A (Exeter-Torquay) and 92 (Totnes-Dartmouth). The 7A only ran at peak times, and was suspended from 30th March 2020 when emergency timetables were introduced at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The route was reinstated on 15th June but was suspended again from 13th July 2020 due to low passenger numbers. It was reinstated on 1st November 2020, but as the X7 following a different route in and out of Exeter and omitting Kingskerswell. The X7 appears not to have been withdrawn formally but its operation became erratic in 2021 due to the driver shortages and the route has not operated at all for some time.


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