01 August 2022

Thirty years of Citybus Darts

Its quite a landmark day today as it marks thirty years of continuous service of Dennis Darts by Plymouth Citybus.

The 1st of August 1992 saw the first one 101 K101SFJ with the others of the batch following on in October 1992.

Plymouth Citybus 101 K101SFJ

When they arrived it was a great improvement on the Mercedes 709s and even more so over the awful Dodge breadvans. The only disappointment was that they arrived in probably one of the most insipid dull liveries ever to grace the Citybus fleet.

Its somewhat surprising that they have managed a full thirty years of Dart operation as only one continues in service:

251 LX05EYV which cant have long left now.

Plymouth Citybus 251 LX05EYV

I know not everyone likes this livery, but its a lot better than the grey.

Congratulations to the Dennis Dart! Who would have thought they would manage 30 years…

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  1. Plymouth won't be the same without the Darts, a true end of an era. I hope Citybus will do some special event to mark their retirement.


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