02 August 2022

Go Cornwall service Changes September

Plymouth Citybus have released details of their service changes from the 5th September in Cornwall:

The bus network in Cornwall, along with all other bus networks in England have been reviewed in partnership between operators and local authorities. From Sunday 4th September there will be some changes to buses in Cornwall run by Go Cornwall Bus, as we build a stable network fit for the future.

Covid-19 impacted all public transport, including buses, and Central Government funding has enabled the majority of bus services to be kept in place. However, this funding has now been confirmed as coming to an end in Autumn 2022.

People aren’t using the buses in the same way as they did before the pandemic, and so we’re revising which services are financially viable to make sure we can continue running bus services in the future.

All the journeys passengers make are analysed, so we can be sure we’re putting buses on the routes to suit the greatest number of people we can – this means that some routes will be running more frequently, while others will be reduced. All changes have been made based on evidence of passenger use.

There are some routes which although have seen growth in passenger are still not generating enough money to run them at the current frequency. We have agreed to these some routes more time to grow passenger numbers and revenue. These routes are:

  • Service 21 from St Austell to Newquay
  • Service 22 between Truro, St Dennis and St Austell
  • Service 25 between Fowey, St Austell and Newquay
  • Service 26 from Bodmin to St Austell

These routes will be reviewed again in January 2023, and may need to be revised if the number of passengers does not increase.

The local services around Redruth and Cambourne have been reworked with new route numbers being introduced. Frogpool will no longer have a direct link to Redruth, but Stitians will gain an increased frequency. The section of route between St Day and Truro will be reduced to two hourly. All other destinations are still served to the same level as today. 

1 Penzance to Sennen Cove All journeys operated by Go Cornwall Bus will be withdrawn and operated by Cornwall by Kernow
3 Penzance to Roscadghill Parc Will terminate at Penzance Bus Station instead of Sainsbury’s to reduce the number of buses in Sainsbury’s. Services 16 and 16A will provide a through service between the bus station and Sainsbury’s
5 Penzance to Paul/Sheffield Service altered to provide alternate journeys via Alexandra Road and Wherrytown
8 Penzance to St Just Minor change to incorporate school contract to Cape Cornwall
8 Penzance to St Just Service will run via Treneer between the bus station and Drift
10 Bodmin to Padstow All journeys have been renumbered Service 11
11 Plymouth to Wadebridge & Padstow This service will now run as Service 11 all the way through between Plymouth and Padstow. The timetable has been amended slightly to improve reliability Services 11, 12 and 72/A provide 3 buses per hour between Plymouth and Saltash (Monday to Saturday)
11B St Neot Withdrawn due to low passenger numbers
12/A Plymouth to Callington and Bude Hourly service between Plymouth and Callington maintained
Service between Callington and Launceston reduced to 2 hourly
Service between Launceston and Bude maintained at 2 hourly
Services 11, 12 and 72/A provide 3 buses per hour between Plymouth and Saltash (Monday to Saturday)
16/A Penzance to St Ives Journeys serving Trythal Community Primary School will no longer run due to lack of passengers. Most journeys will now run through to start or finish at St Ives. Service will connect with Service 3 at Penzance Bus Station to provide a link to Sainsbury’s
18 Penzance to St Just Last journey will run 20 minutes later in response to passenger feedback
21 St Austell to Newquay Service has been retimed and rerouted. In Newquay, the service will run via Porth and no longer serve Treloggan. Service will end in Newquay Bus Station and no longer run to Pentire Head (see service 59/A)
Services 21, 91 and 95 will provide a 20 minute service between Newquay and St Columb Minor
22 St Austell - Truro Timetable has been retimed and now provides a 30 minute service between St Dennis and St Austell with service 21
25 Fowey - Newquay Routing of this service in Newquay has been revised. Instead of running through Porth, it will now serve Treloggan and Trenance
26 Bodmin to St Austell Service is being routed and retimed to serve Bugle, Stenalees & Roche, replacing Service 29. In addition, in Bodmin it will serve Bodmin Hospital
27 St Austell to Truro Evening services reduced due to low passenger numbers
29 St Austell to Cornwall Services Route withdrawn. The route will be covered as part of a revised Service 26 timetable
30 St Austell to Boscoppa Minor changes, including last journey removed due to low passenger numbers
31 St Austell - Luxulyan Current first and last journeys will be operated as Service 28 on a revised timetable (operated by Travel Cornwall)
34 Lizard to Redruth Slight changes to accommodate changes to Helston School times
36 Coverack to Truro Additional journeys will run between Frogpool and Truro (36A), replacing the current 46
Link between Frogpool and Gwennap Church to Redruth withdrawn to low passenger numbers
37/A Helston Town Slight changes to accommodate changes to Helston School times
38 Helston to Camborne Slight changes to accommodate changes to Helston School times
39 Helston to Camborne Slight changes to accommodate changes to Helston School times
NEW ROUTE 40 Redruth to St Day and Truro There are significant changes to services in the Camborne and Redruth areas
Service 47 is replaced by service 40 and operates between Truro and Redruth via St Day.
Service will operate 2 hourly between Truro and Redruth and hourly between St Day and Redruth
Evening and Sunday services are reduced due to low passenger numbers
45/A Camborne Town Withdrawn and destinations covered by services 36/40/46/48/49
46 Truro to Frogpool and Camborne Withdrawn and destinations covered by services 36/40/46/48/49
47 Truro to Redruth, Portreath and Camborne Withdrawn and destinations covered by services 36/40/46/48/49
NEW ROUTE 46 Illogan to Camborne Hourly service between Illogan, Pool Tesco, Pengegon and Camborne, replacing part of the former Services 46 and 47
48 Truro to Camborne Evenings and weekends only. Due to low passenger numbers, this will run between Redruth to Troon via Camborne. Anyone wanting to travel to Truro will be able to take the T1 from Redruth
NEW ROUTE 49 Redruth to Portreath and Camborne New service operating hourly between Redruth, Portreath, Pool, Camborne and Troon, replacing the existing Service 47
55 Bodmin to Camelford This service has been renumbered Service 96 to provide a through route to Wadebridge
The service between St Breward, Wenfordbridge and Michaelstow is being withdrawn due to low passenger numbers
56 Newquay to Padstow Only change is all journeys will run a standard route
58 Newquay Town service Journeys are retimed to run slightly later
59/A Newquay – Pentire Head This service has been amended to continue to Pentire Head. This will provide links between Treloggan Morrisons and the Pentire area of Newquay
70/A Plymouth to Cremyll All journeys will run through Great Park in Torpoint, providing a through service to Plymouth without the need to change buses
There will be direct links for students to or from Plymouth travelling beyond Torpoint to Crafthole and Portwrinkle
72 Plymouth to Polperro This service will operate a revised timetable for the winter period
This service will no longer serve Hannafore Point, which will be covered by Service 77
Services 11, 12 and 72/A provide 3 buses per hour between Plymouth and Saltash (Monday to Saturday)
72A Short journeys around Saltash will now cover St Stephens because of passenger feedback
73 Liskeard to Polperro Service between Polperro and Tregoad via Looe will be returned to an hourly service
Journeys have been extended beyond Liskeard to serve St Cleer, replacing Service 74
74 Liskeard to Callington Service has been revised to run from Callington to Pensilva only
Links for students going to and from Liskeard College have been maintained
The section of route between Pensilva and Liskeard will be covered by Services 236/237
75 Torpoint to Liskeard Service will run between Torpoint and Liskeard, serving Crafthole, Portwrinkle, Downderry and Seaton, approximately every 2 hours. On arrival at Liskeard there will be a connection to Service 77 providing a through link to Trago Mills
Most journeys on Service 75A linking Torpoint and Saltash via St Germans are being withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. Services running to and from Saltash Community School have been retained
76 Launceston to Bodmin Parkway This route was introduced in 2020 as a trial, and due to low passenger numbers will be withdrawn
77 Looe to Menheniot via Liskeard This service will end in Liskeard and will not carry on to Menheniot. Due to extremely low passenger numbers Menheniot will no longer be served
This route will run via Hannafore Point to replace service 72
79/A Callington to Tavistock Additional journeys running direct between Callington and Tavistock have been introduced following requests from passengers. This service will be reviewed if passenger numbers do not increase
85 Newquay to Truro Timetable has been slightly retimed to improve reliability
88/S Redruth - Newquay Service 88S has been renamed Service 88, and will cover the same route with some minor variations.
89 Bodmin to Truro Route has been revised and will not go through Roche and St Dennis due to low passenger numbers. There will be a faster route through Summercourt, Victoria and St Columb Major
Roche and St Dennis will be covered by Services 21 and 26
93 Truro, St Columb Major and Newquay Withdrawn and replaced with new Service 93. St Columb Major will be covered by Service 95
NEW ROUTE 93 Truro, Mitchel, Quintrell Downs and Newquay The fastest public transport link between Newquay and Truro. Will also provide a new link between Truro and Dairyland during the day
Evening services (93E) will continue to include Fraddon, Indian Queens and St Columb Road
With Service 91, this will provide a 30 minute service between Mitchel and Truro
94 Bude to Tintagel Seasonal service withdrawn, but areas covered by Service 95
95 Bude to Newquay Will run via Crackington Haven to replace Service 94 and will extend from St Columb Major to Newquay
Improved connections at St Columb Major for Service 89 to Truro
Replaces evening service 93 between Newquay and St Columb Major
This service, with Services 21 and 91, will provide a 20 minute service between Newquay and St Columb Minor
96 Wadebridge to Camelford 96 will now only operate between Wadebridge, Camelford and onto Bodmin, replacing Service 55
Journeys between Camelford and Launceston are renumbered 97
97 Camelford to Launceston New service number to replace Service 96 from Camelford to Launceston
235 Callington to Launceston This was a trial route and will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. Passengers can still use Service 237
236 Liskeard to Launceston Revised route between Liskeard and Upton Cross. All journeys via North Hill
Saturday service between Liskeard and Pensilva is replacing Service 74
Most journeys will run via Darite and Pensilva replacing Service 74
No service to Bathpool as no passengers used this part of the route
237 This service covers areas around Rilla Mill, Linkinhorne & Coads Green replacing Service 236 and providing links to Launceston and Liskeard
425 Launceston to North Petherwin and Alturnun Returned to previous timetable due to passenger feedback

Source https://www.gocornwallbus.co.uk/cornwall-service-changes-september-2022


  1. Another fine mess by Go Cornwall bus. I think it is very unfair to blame the public(low passenger numbers) for not using the services when they consistently every day cancel lots of services. If they was actually reliable im sure more people will use the services.

    1. Unreal they aren't reliable when they pinch drivers from Go Plymouth so much

  2. I thought 72a a waste of a e400 hardly ever see anyone on it surprised that hasent been axed

  3. Just noticed there is a U in Camborne where you talk about local services around Redruth and Camborne as a Cornish man who used to live in Camborne I thought I say no U in Camborne

    1. Only just noticed that. At least it wasnt my fault this time - its like that on the go Cornwall page.


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